5 Ways to Survive the Pollen Invasion this Spring

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For most of us, spring brings a feeling of renewal of life and body. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming,

and leaves are on the trees.  However, with the good comes the bad as many of us are once again forced to struggle with the pollen invasion that the blooming foliage and warm breezes carry our way.  Nobody wants to stay inside on these beautiful days to avoid suffering with seasonal allergies, and you don’t have to!

Don’t sniffle and sneeze your way through spring this year.  Get ready now and prepare a survival pack this allergy season.  Below are 5 simple remedies that can be used to keep you clear eyed and frolicking through the flowers all year long.

#1 – Clarinex / Allegra

Go ahead and start taking a daily antihistamine such as Allegra or Clarinex.  These medications a inexpensive and will make a tremendous difference in all types of allergies such as pollen, grass, weeds…even molds and pet dander.  It can take a few days for these medicines to really start working, so order some ASAP!  The sooner you begin, the sooner you will have relief!

#2- Nasal Spray

If you have allergies, then you know what its like to have a stuffy nose, but not be able to blow it.  It’s like everything has slammed shut.  There are a couple easy solutions to this.  First, using a saline nasal spray daily along with an oral antihistamine can work wonders for clearing out your sinuses first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  If you have a particularly bad day, you may want to supplement the saline with an anti-inflammatory such as Flonase, Nasonex, or Nasacort.  These aren’t recommended for prolonged use, but they can be lifesavers on the days when you’re allergies have really flared up.

#3- Eye Drops

One very inexpensive product that can make an amazing difference in how you feel are simple over the counter eye drops.  Using products like Visine or Clear Eyes can make a huge difference in how you look and how you feel.  There is no reason to suffer with burning/itchy eyes when you can find complete relief for a couple dollars a bottle!


If you are like me, Benadryl might as well be labeled as a sleeping pill with a side effect of allergy relief! However, for some of the toughest allergy attacks it can be savior. There have been occasions when I have had to go do research in a wheat field on a windy day, and the amount of pollen I breathe in sometimes can’t be countered by a preventative antihistamine alone. For emergencies, always keep around a couple Benadryl. It’s also great to have in case of insect bites or poison ivy!

#5- Take care of yourself!

Get plenty of sleep and take a daily multivitamin. Drink plenty of water. Sounds like common sense, but a good nights sleep and good nutrition will keep your immune system high. This will help your body fight against the allergens and prevent sinus infections.

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